Unique and Simple Kitchen Tips to make your kitchen heart of home.


    Unique and simple kitchen tips.

    Useful information about kitchens.


      1. How to cook meat perfect.

   1. Take dry peels of melon and grind it. Putt a teaspoon of it on the meat when boiling start, the meat cook quickly.

    2. Dry a papaya completely grind it and make powder of it. When needed, put the a teaspoon in a pot to cook the meat quickly.

    3. Put thick pieces of bark in soap it melt the meat quickly.

     4. Always cook meat over low heat. Such meat cook quickly and have good taste.


     2. How to remove fish odor.

    1. Apply salt on all fish and leave for about two hours.Then wash with flour and add spices.The smell will disappear from fish.

    2. Paste the basin and salt well on the pieces of fish.Then wash them thoroughly.

    3. Paste salt and vinegar on the fish.Wash it after ten minutes.

     4. Rinse with flour and salt and apply crushed garlic on pieces of fish.

      3. How to remove the bitterness of bitter gourd.

      1. Paste salt on the bitter gourd and leave them in the sun for about 20 minutes. Then wash them well together. Then squeeze them and fry them in hot oil.

     2. Take raw mango and cut it. Boil it in a little water. When it becomes hot, cut bitter gourd and put it in it. Boil four or five times. The bitterness of the crabs will go away.

       4. How to preserve ginger.

      Keep the ginger in a pot contain mud overnight. Keep sprinkling with water. Ginger will not spoil. Ginger can also be dug up. That’s how it will grow. Whenever needed, you can dig the ground and extract a little ginger.

     5. How to refresh dried vegetables.

      Dry vegetables should be washed with lukewarm water before cooking and it will become fresh.Put the dried fenugreek in the cocking pot. No need to soak. Soak carrots, turnips, bitter gourds etc. in water. Soak greens for a while it will refresh.

      6. How to preserve lemons.

     1. Lemons can also be stored in the freezer.

    2. Extract the lemon juice and store in a bottle. Pour a little cooking oil on top. Now this juice is safe to use whenever you want.

     7. Method of boiling Kabli gram.

    1. Add a little salt and stir overnight. Cook in the morning and the lentils will melt.

    2. Add baking soda and soak in water. In the morning, drain soda water and cook in another water.

    3. During cooking kabli gram, add two or three drops of salt and baking soda. They will cook quickly.

     8. How to boil lentils quickly.

       Clean proven black lentils. Put them in a pot and place them on the ground. Then rub lightly with a stone. The red lentils will come out soon. Do not peel too much. Now wash the lentils and soak them in water. Soak in water for about fifteen minutes. Then put on low heat to cook.

     9. How to prevent pickles from spoiling.

    1. Do not remove the pickle with a wet spoon.

     2. Add oil to the pickle so that it is dipped in oil. If the oil is less, the pickle is likely to go bad.

    3. Keep the jars in the sun at least once or twice a month. Then shake the pickle with a spoon. Pickles soaked in lemon juice or vinegar do not spoil.

    4. If the pickle is in high amount, add a little potassium metabisulfate.

       10. How to peel garlic.

    1. Soak garlic in water at night, in the morning rub it. The shells will come off quickly.

     2. Apply garlic with mustard oil and spread it on any sheet in the sunlight. After about three hours, take a thick cloth and mix it with garlic. The shells will come off easily.

      11. How to protect rice from pests.

      1. Mix crushed salt and turmeric in rice. The rice will not spoil quickly and will not be infested with worms.

     2. Rice is also protected from pests by having Dharek leaves in the rice.

    3. Apply salt and mustard oil in an airtight container Keep rice in it. As long as the rice doesn’t exposed to wind, it won’t get worm.

     12. How to reduce salt in food.

     1. Take a large piece of burning charcoal to reduce salt from cooked food. Rinse it thoroughly with water. The ink on the outside did not come out from the water. Then it should be put in the pot then the soup should be cooked. Remove the coal after cooking. This process will reduce the salt.

    2. Take the dough and put it in the pot of soup.The dough will absorb the extra salt.

      13. How to remove stickying from Arvi .

     1. After cutting the arvi, it should be washed with lime water so that it there is no sticky remain in arvi.

     2. Boil the arvi before cooking. The sticky will be gone.

     3. Add salt and leave for a few minutes.Then wash thoroughly with water. All the stickying will be gone.


      14. How to cook peas quickly.

     Put the peas in water and add a little sugar or half a teaspoon of baking soda and some mint leaves. Peas will soon cook.

      15. How to reduce excess chili from soup.

     1. Take all the oil from cooked soup and then take fresh oil heat it

 and put it in the soup. 

     2. Adding yoghurt to soup also reduces chillies.

     16. How to remove pot stains.

    1. When eggs are boiled in a stewed pan, the stains disappear from the. Pot

     2. Cleaning the pot with lemon juice also removes stains.

     17. How to prevent eggs from sticking to skillet.

            Before frying the egg, put ghee on skillet and heat it and add a little salt in it, then the egg will not stick to the skillet.

     18. How to boil broken eggs.

           If you add a little vinegar to the water before boiling the broken eggs, not only will the egg boil well, but its contents will not be able to come out.

     19. How to get rid of onion odor.

    1. Eating sugar or coriander after eating onion helps to get rid of bad breath.

    2. Put cardamom seeds in the mouth after eating onions.

     20. How to avoid onions effects.

     1. Putting a thick slice of onion on the head does not cause tears.

    2. Peel onions and put them in water, then cut it in water. The onion will lose its vigor.

     3. If you have to cut a lot of onions, put ice in a big pot and put onions in it and let it cool down. Then during cuting of onions, cold tears will not come out.

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