PUBG bad effects on students and youth with images story.


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      A images story of  PUBG bad effects on students and youth.

    1. What is PUBG game?

    2. Disadvantages of PUBG.

    3. PUBG addiction symptoms.

    4. Does PUBG effect mental health?

     5. PUBG bad effects on students.

      6. PUBG effect on youth.

     PubG is not just a game but a serious pastime for today’s children and has become a matter of life and death for the youth as the number of suicides due to PubG is increasing all over the world including Pakistan.

 The question is what is it about the PubG game that should be taken so seriously, because the game is played for leisure and what are the economic benefits to the countries that allow PubG?

 On the other hand, the questions are also important, what are the social, human and financial losses of the violent game that the people are suffering and what are the far-reaching effects of the decision to ban?

 Let’s find out the answers to the important questions that come to the minds of people regarding PubG game so that we can know what are the economic and social benefits or harms of games in the present era.

     1. What is PubG Game?

 Technically, Pub GPPS is not a first person shooter, but TPS is a third person shooter game. Players in first-person shooter games feel that they are attacking the enemy with a gun or that the enemy is firing on them, which is not the case in the third person.

 In the third person shooter game, the killer is seen as a different person, be it a boy or a girl, walking around as a human being. If you attack, you do not feel that you have attacked because the main character of the game is not hidden from view like the first person.

 In this sense, PubG is called a third person shooter in which children or young boys and girls constantly attack the enemy in front of them with bullets, daggers, ammunition, grenades and artillery. When they shoot at a person, his screams and bloodshed, everything looks real.

        PubG is a Battle Royale online multiplayer game, a game in which players land without a weapon and fight for their survival by acquiring weapon shield vehicles and other items within the game. The last surviving player is declared the winner. In September, gaming company Apex released its game Fort Knight’s Battle Royale to beat PubG. Interestingly, the game was free online. Overnight it became an unpopular game. PubG had to do something to handle this situation. It came up with a new trick and targeted the mobile world. The PubG (Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds) game is the most played also in Pakistan and all world. The game was introduced in December by Irish game designer Arenda Green. The game topped the list in terms of earnings in 2012. The game is a competition between two teams and consists of teams ranging from one player to a hundred players who connect to each other via the Internet. Players from both teams get off the plane, search for weapons, and then shoot at the player in front of them. Harmful to human health: The Pub G game has become a very popular game for everyone.


    2. Disadvantages of PUBG.

  Children and young people are engaged in this game day and night. But they do not know that this game is extremely harmful to human health.Following types of problems are mostly seen in frequent PUBG users:

     1. The Finnish firm Supersell, the company that makes the game, states that the radiation emitted from the light of the animation in this game causes epilepsy in people who play this game frequently.

      2. There is also a tremor in the hands of all kinds of video game players.

    3. Also, demonstrating lightning speed in the game causes bone and muscle disease.


     4. Video games also affect the eyes, as it speeds up the movement of the eyes and the magnetic waves emanating from the mobile screen is also harmful to the eyes.

     5. PubG makes gamers mentally ill, as it enjoys killing others in groups and seizing their property, as well as inflicting heavy beatings on others.

    6. Children who play games until the very end are exposed to new ways of committing crimes. The simple mind of children becomes a hotbed of crime. This game causes blood she’d.

    7. Children who play games they know the names of all kinds of weapons like guns and pistal.

    8. The game also uses drugs, fights between groups, violence and obscene language.

    9. Online PubG Game Habit Dangerous for life.

    3. PUBG addiction symptoms.

        Reliable sources say that about a month ago, a man became addicted to the online game PubG, which led to his admission to the hospital after completing one round of the game because he found himself. They started punching him, as a result of which he was injured. A doctor, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the patient’s condition was “unstable” at the moment. The patient’s mental balance has partially deteriorated, he said. The patient can recognize people, but he is still unconscious and his brain is completely under the influence of the PubG game. Hospital sources said that this is the sixth case of its kind. He said that there would have been other cases which would have been ignored. Doctors appealed to the public to keep a close eye on children’s use of mobile phones in solitude until late at night. He urged the public not to neglect the use of mobile phones by children till late at night. PubG Game teaches children the skills of violence and killing. Last year, a 19-year-old boy tried the skill on his own family and killed his parents and sister. According to police, the boy had become addicted to the video game pub.


     4. Does PUBG effect mental health?

         A boy rented a room and spent time at school and in the room playing video games. This game is even more dangerous than drug addiction and can lead to mental illness. The use of PubG also carries the risk of road accidents.


   5. PUBG bad effects on students.

       An Islamic scholar’s fatwa on pubji has been published, stating that pub ji is haraam. The Islamic scholar said in his video message that I will tell you through research. Pub is not a joke or a joke. In the pub, I saw in full the good news given by the Prophet of Allah. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) had said that there would be a great battle before the Day of Resurrection and this battle would be such that there would never have been such a battle in the world before or since. Syria will be his field. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) described the nature of this war and said that it would be so dangerous that 99 out of every 100 would die and one would survive. It is the virtue of those who participate in it and those who wage jihad. But there is also the promise of hell for those who fear. The stuff of this PubG game comes from this war, all the information I have learned about this game is that this game teaches how to shoot. It teaches you to form groups and fire on the whole village with your gun. He said that the misfortune of this game is such that the child playing it does not respond to the repeated calls of the mother. Because of this game, children become irritable and eventually their heart makes them take up arms. Moment of Thought: Readers! You may have guessed how devastating PubG and this kind of video games are for our new generation, the growing trend of violence against children is the religion of these games, would you like your child to be tortured and killed? Get used to PubG is a curse that keeps our children physically and morally hollow. Your kids seem to be playing games on the system. But you don’t know that violence is getting entangled in their veins, we need to keep our children careful in using computer, video games are sim killers for training children, at present there is crime in children across the country. The rate is increasing alarmingly which is actually the result of these games, parents have a responsibility to spend time with their children and find alternative sources of video games for them, complete ban on video games does not work Gradually, children will be diverted to other activities. Video games have the most negative effect on children’s morals. While in Islam, the emphasis is on morality.

      6. PUBG effect on youth.

 For the average person, ideas and words that used to be considered flawed are now being brought to life through these games, and society is embracing them by accepting them due to their overuse. Scenes of violence, violence and war will have no effect on the mental health of ordinary people, especially children and young people. But the question of what will be the moral future of this nation after the spread of violent and immoral video games is very important for the society. We need to address these challenges and problems and educate our children. Do your part to protect the future of our society from the negative effects of things so that our future can grow safely. And words like compassion will be wonderful. And future generations will be amazed at the use of these words.

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