Natural hair care tips and how to get beautiful hair naturally at home.


   1. How to keep hair beautiful and soft.

    Take Covering of the mustard and soak it in warm water before taking a bath.Then wash the scalp with that water. The hair will become soft.


  2. How to lengthen hair.


   * Beautiful hair creates radiance in a person’s personality. Take amla to make hair long and thick. Put them in sesame oil and cook well. When the amla is well melted, filter them and take out this oil in a bottle. Massage the hair with this oil daily.

   1. Cutting the tips of the hair often makes the hair longer.

  2. Mixing honey and olive oil in henna and applying it in the hair makes the hair longer.

  3. Dry Amla, Kharid Khurd and Berry, mix these three things and boil them in a little water then cool it and wash your head with it every third day.

  4. Pure mustard oil = 2 kg

     Fresh ball flowers. = 1/4 kg

      Soak both overnight. In the morning, filter the flowers and take clean oil. Apply it thoroughly on the scalp about an hour before washing.

    5. Take berry leaves and grind them finely. When the foam comes out, rub it on the scalp for twenty minutes and then wash it off with soap.

   6. Olive oil = one ounce

       Egg = one

       Grape vinegar = a teaspoon

      Fresh lemons = one 

     Beat eggs in olive oil. Mix grape vinegar with lemon juice. Then apply to hair. Wash your head after about two hours.

    7. Put an egg in half a cup of henna and apply it on the hair. After an hour, wash your hair with soap.


 Proven black mash = one cup

                Aamla = Half a cup.    

           Sekakai = Half a cup

  Seeds of fenugreek = two tablespoons

     Lemon peels

       Dried up = Four 

       Grind all these items and make a powder. Soak the powder in warm water for half an hour and then apply on the scalp. Wash your head after about five minutes. This will make the hair longer, thicker and stop the hair from falling out.

   3.Treatment of hair loss with diet.

   1. Hair treatment with oil.

     The use of oil is very important to keep the hair beautiful and healthy. Keeping the hair dry weakens its roots and causes hair loss. In addition to the oil, it is also important to brush the hair a little faster with a diamond brush. This exercises the hair. First, massage a good oil such as coconut or almond oil into the hair.

    2. Steam hair treatment.

    When steam is applied to the hair, the hair becomes soft and smooth like silk and it stops falling out.


    3. Hair treatment with berry and Neem tree.

       As soon as the hair starts falling out, boil the neem and berry leaves in water and wash the hair. Hair loss will stop.

    4. Hair treatment with lemons.

      Massage the head with lemon juice and wash your head to stop hair loss.

     5. Hair treatment with Amla.

      Soak the dried amla overnight. Wash your head with this water in the morning. This will strengthen the hair roots.

     6. Coconut hair treatment.

     Applying coconut oil on the scalp stops hair loss.

    7. Treatment of hair loss with beet leaves.

     Grinding beet leaves with henna and applying it on the scalp stops hair loss.

     8. Hair treatment with cabbage.

    Eating 50 grams of cabbage leaves daily for about a month gives new hair growth.

     9. Treatment of hair with wheatgrass.

         Drinking one cup of wheatgrass juice daily for forty days stops hair loss.


     10. Treatment of those with turmeric.

            If there is excess hair on the face in the body, then by applying turmeric paste, they are removed.


    4. Use of hair conditioner.

    This is how an hair conditioner is used to make your hair shine.

   1. Mix two teaspoons of lemon juice or vinegar in half a cup of lukewarm water and apply it gently on wet hair with your fingers and after ten to twelve minutes wash your hair thoroughly with plain water. It is best for greasy hair. ۔

   2. Apply two teaspoons of glycerin and one teaspoon of vinegar mixed to the hair in the following way. It is special for normal hair.

   3. If the hair is very dry, after washing it, mix raw milk in it for ten minutes. Then wash with lukewarm water.

    4. For dry hair,take egg yolk and whole egg for normal hair, mix a tablespoon of lemon juice in it and mix well. Then wash the wet hair and leave the whole egg for twenty minutes and then wash. The hair will become very beautiful and shiny.

      5. How to make hair curly.

     If the hair is to be curled, then the glue of cactus and mustard should be weighed and take in equal amount.Then grind to make powdered.Take above powder and dissolved in a little lukewarm water. The amount of water should be such that it becomes a liquid substance then apply it in the hair and after about fifteen to twenty minutes wash the hair with lukewarm water and wash them. Let it dry. In a while, the hair will become so curly that it will be difficult to comb it.


     6. Treatment of dry hair.

    1. A tablespoon of henna, a tablespoon of mustard oil, an egg, half a lemon juice and a little yogurt. Mix all these things and apply on the scalp for a while. It is better to leave it on the scalp for about 2 to 3 hours. Then wash the hair with a good shampoo. The scalp dryness will disappear forever.

     2. Massage the scalp overnight by warming the olive oil lightly. In the morning, wash your head with lukewarm water.

     3. Cut the beetroot and boil it with the leaves. Then apply it on the hair like shampoo and wash the head.

       7. How to blacken white hair.

        Take a small amount of amla to darken the hair. Put it in a pot and then add water and let it soak for a day. Wash your head the next day. Continue this process. White hair will begin to turn black.



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