Tips for face beauty and how can i make my face beautiful naturally.

      Now a days both men and Women’s use different methods to beautify their face. And many women try to use different creams or go towards beauty Parlour,if there are spots or pimples on the face or if the skin color is bad due to the influence of weather.For some time creams and beauty Parlour makes the face radiant and glowing for a while but does not solve these problems permanently. And it is also wastage of money. 

 Most of the women cry due to lack of time and laziness. Due to this, they use such market items for skin freshness and beauty and often say that using natural products is a hard and tedious task. If we work a little harder, we can achieve the desired beauty and results quickly.In this blog I tell some special tips to prepare home products to beautify your face.

  1.To clean facial dirt:

  English Translation.

    The use of barley flour also cleanses the dirt on the face. Mix a few drops of olive oil and half a teaspoon of honey in a little flour. Add a little water in it and then after mixing this mixture is ready.Use this mixture on the face with and then wash your face with water. Barley flour is easily available in the market and you can grind it in a grinder. A few drops of lemon juice can also be added to this mixture. It also clears the dirt.

   2. To clean facial blemishes.

    English Translation.

    1. Peel a orange and then dry it’s outer covering. Finely grind them and use them on the face like ubton to remove blemishes.

     2. Grind lemon peels and mix it with milk and apply it on the face at night.

     3. Put a few drops of glycerin in fresh milk and apply it on the face. This will not only remove blemishes but also bring freshness and radiance to the face.

   3. To clear face color:


     English Translation.

         Add lemon juice and rose water to pure glycerin. Mix well and apply on face and hands at night. Wash your face with fresh water in the morning. Just one week of use will clear the complexion of your face.


 4.To remove lip blackness.

   English Translation.

      1. Add lemon juice to milk cream and apply it at night while sleeping.

    2. Grind zaffron add in milk and apply it on the lips daily.

    3. Cut a piece of beetroot and rub it on the lips.

   4. Mix almond oil and lemon juice and apply on the lips.

   5. Mix grapefruit juice with cinnamon and apply on lips.


  5. How to make eyes beautiful.

    English Translation.

   1. Sprinkling rose water on the eyes makes the eyes look beautiful. At the same time, if pure honey is applied in the eyes, it makes the eyes glow.

   2. Applying castor oil on the lashes every night while sleeping makes the lashes thicker and longer. If olive oil is applied by heating it lightly, it also proves to be useful for beautifying the eyelids.


  6. How to remove wrinkles from the face..

    English Translation.

   Take rose water, almond oil, alum and mix it with four egg (only white part) and cook on low heat. When it becomes like semiliquid, massage it on the face while sleeping at night. Wrinkles will disappear.

 7.How to whiten color.

    English Translation.

  1. Take mint leaves, boil them, cool their water and use it early morning with empty stomach.

  2. Eating carrot or drinking its juice also makes the color red and white.

  3. Boil water in a pot.Then take the steam of this water on your face. It also opens the pores of the face. The face is clear and fair in complexion.

  4. Lemon juice applied on the face also whiten color.


  8. To remove eye circles.

    English Translation.

  1. Apply vitamin E oil around the eyes and it will disappear.

  2. Make a fruit chaat of one banana, one pound of papaya, one pound of guava and use it daily.

  3. After gnawing a piece of potato, wrap it in a muslin cloth and keep it on the eyes for about fifteen minutes to get rid of dark circles.

  4. Applying fresh orange juice on a muslin cloth and placing it on the eyes also removes the circles. 


 9.How to get rid of pale face.

    English Translation.

  1. Use carrot steam and hot carrot water on face.

  2. Drinking raw carrot juice with a glass of milk daily removes paleness of the face.

  3. Drinking orange juice also removes paleness of the face.


   10.How to get rid of facial shadows.

    English Translation.

  1. Take bulb of mango and berry grind it. Add a little water. Then apply it on the face.

  2. Take sea foam and add lemon juice to it and apply it on the dark spots on the face. The stains will disappear.

  3. Boil the potatoes. Then grind them and add a little salt. Then apply on face.

You have to wait 40 seconds.

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