Tips for blogging for beginners and which is better Blogger or WordPress.


Tips for blogging in 2022

 Essential Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger especially for beginners.

 Blogging is one of the five real ways to make money online. For those who make money online, blogging is a legitimate and effective way that requires patience, perseverance and discipline.

    1. How do I become a good blogger?

       There are some basic needs to become a good and successful blogger.

     a. Patience

         Patience is because you don’t necessarily have to rush people to your website as soon as you write a blog, your revenue will only increase when people rush to your sites. Knowing the recipes is another matter.

    b. Constant temperament


         Because you have to write as a permanent writer. The blogger has to get the reader accustomed to his writing for the success of his writing and his profession.

     c. Be it domestic life or social life

        Discipline is recognized as an indispensable requirement of a balanced life, and so is the importance of discipline in making economic activities, office and business affairs efficient and successful. Has reached Every day millions of people write blogs and millions of people read other people’s blogs. That is why blogging is now recognized as one of the most important activities on the Internet.

       2. How can I start blogging as a beginner?

         It is important to highlight this. According to Google Blogger, the largest blogging hub, a blog is a personal diary. A diary of a person’s daily activities. It is also the source of the most important news. Communication channels are established and a large number of personal ideas can be transmitted.

     Creating a specific account on the internet and writing the thought without hesitation in the guise of a word is called a blog. Blogging is also called the most important tool of politics because the political personalities of developed nations use blogs as a means of conveying their personal views to the people. But what should be a successful blogger? 

    3. What are some tips for starting a blog and become successful blogger?

 Here are some tips to help you become a successful blogger.

       a. Never close the door on learning.

       If you want to be a successful blogger, always keep the path of learning open. Reading is very important for a successful writer, whether it is political subjects or scientific, the more he reads, the better he will be able to write. Is accepted as You don’t have to choose a thick book to read, but you can get into the habit of reading by reading small booklets, newspaper columns or even blogs.

       b. Adopt real style, not fiction.

      Always use simple words to write a blog. Instead of talking fiction, write in a realistic way as you speak. Instead of choosing difficult words, you should convey your thoughts to the reader in simple and easy to understand words. While writing a diary, he writes down his thoughts, imagination and beautiful words read somewhere and sometimes the essence of someone’s life, golden sayings. This is exactly the case with blogs.

      c. Always have proof of facts with you.

        Since a blog is a collection of personal thoughts, if you are going to make any unusual claims in your writing, then at least the facts behind it should be credible and credible. So if you want more people to visit your website then don’t make any message or claim part of your blog without confirmation.


     d. Add recent topics on your blog.

       Instead of focusing on old topics, make recent topics part of your writing.


     e. With a positive mindset, state your point of view in the best way possible.

      f. Adopt creative thinking if you are writing on an old topic instead of a new topic or your topic is not completely unique make it unique with the writing style.

      g. After examining the subject from different angles, add it to the text. Out of the box, after thinking and examining, start writing.

     h. Make it easy to access the blog. The easier it is to access the literary term writing, the more the reader’s interest will increase.

      i. Use words in writing that are not difficult to reach. If someone is interested in reading your blog, make it easy for them to reach.

     j. Don’t write blogs too long. In modern times, people have a wealth of information due to easy access to the Internet. That’s why successful bloggers say that blogging experts recommend writing blogs of 800 to 1000 words. And if their writings are compared, they themselves seem to be acting on it. Your point of view can be well expressed in 800 to 1000 words.

    k. The length of your blog can make your reader less focused.

      Earnings from blogging are to much. There are a lot of bloggers around the world who are making money through blogging.

    4. Which is better for beginners Blogger or WordPress?

 If you want to blog and create your own blog or website, you may be confused about whether to create your own blog on Blogger or on WordPress, so don’t worry, I will tell you from my experience which platform. Good and why


 So you can easily decide which platform is best for you.

 The first question is why you want to create a website or blog, there can be many reasons such as making money online, or if you have any skills to share it with the world or anyone. And there could be a reason.

 I will tell you in detail at each point which platform is good and why so that you can choose according to your need and condition on which platform you want to create your blog or website.

     a. Which is easier to use, Blogger or WordPress?

 If you are new and have little technical knowledge, you will have no problem using Blogger. Because you don’t have to do much technical work. It’s just a little bit like making menus etc. is a small task.

 Technical knowledge is required to use WordPress. Because it requires WordPress to be installed on the hosting, along with some technical requirements. But if you search for them, you will also find their tutorials.

 Generally speaking, in Blogger you will not encounter any mistakes in creating a blog. And just like Normal creates a Facebook account, you can easily create your own blog on Blogger. The process is a bit difficult in Proward Press.

      b. WordPress or Blogger by price:

 Blogger is absolutely free and we don’t have to pay a penny for it. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well.

 WordPress is also an open source program but we have to buy hosting to create a blog on WordPress which costs money.

      c. What are more features in Blogger or WordPress:

 If you want to write an article on a blog, you can easily do so much for both of you. But if you want more features, you can find them in WordPress and you can only use the features that Blogger has, but you can’t add anything new by yourself.

 In WordPress we can enhance its features by installing plugins.

      d. Who is more SEO Friendly Blogger or WordPress:

 When it comes to SEO search engine optimization, both are equal because it is important to get the post in the search.

 Post meta description

 Quality posts

 Quality backlinks

 And all of these things happen in both

 So it would be better to say that both are equal in terms of SEO.

 But in WordPress, as I mentioned, we can also install extra features in it, so one of them is Yust plugin. With the help of which we can set a keyword and write a post which automatically shows us how strong our keyword is. In the post that we target.

 So in simple terms, SEO is no different, but we can use the plugin in WordPress to do SEO.

    e. Which is the safest platform?

 When it comes to security, there is no website in the world that is 100% secure. Many government websites are also hacked. If we want to protect our site from hacking, we should take all possible steps to increase security.


 To create a blog on Blogger, we just need to log in with a Google Account, then we can create a blog. But in WordPress we have to do a lot of configuration and if something goes wrong with our hands, it becomes easy for hackers to hack our website.

 This means that if we take all the security steps properly, hacking is not so easy for anyone.

 You can use some plugins to enhance security in WordPress.

 It is not easy to hack Blogger site. Compare with WordPress site. To increase the security of Blogger, don’t tell anyone about the Google Account blog you created. And if you keep your original email completely separate, it is impossible for anyone to hack this website

 Who can build a high quality website on Blogger or WordPress:
p> A normal website with a good design can be built on both, but if you want a website with many features then you have to choose WordPress. We can’t add anything extra to Blogger.

      f. Result:

 As you can see, the two platforms are almost equal, some are good and some are good. But you must have guessed who you want to build your site or blog on.

 I suggest that if you are new you should create your own blog on Blogger because it is easy and free. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. If you have the money and need some more features, you can shift your Blogger blog to WordPress.

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