Urdu quotes for lover and what is love mean?


  Love needs expression in different ways when we love with any person we wants that person feels our love from our eyes and body language but he or she not understand then we adopt various tricks to tell him by writing some words of love. So in this post I will present very beautiful Urdu quotes for lovers when any lover read and see these love quotes he or she will enjoy them. You can send these Urdu quotation about love to those who you love and like too much.

   1. Urdu quotes for lover.

بھیڑ میں اک اجنبی کا سامنا اچھا لگا 

سب سے چھپ کر وہ کسی کا دیکھنا اچھا لگا

Bheer mein aik ajnabi ka samna acha lgaa

Sab sy chup kar woh kse ka dekhna acha lga

سرمئی آنکھوں کے نیچے پھول سے کھلنے لگے

کہتے کہتے کچھ کسی کا سوچنا اچھا لگا

Surmai ankhon ky neechy phool sy kheelny lgy

Kehty kehty kuch ksi ka sochna acha laga

بات تو کچھ بھی نہیں تھی لیکن اس کا ایک دم

ہاتھ کو ہونٹوں پہ رکھ کر روکنا اچھا لگا

Baat tu kuch bhi nhi thi lekin uska aik dam

Haath ko honton py rakh kar rookna acha laga

چاہے میں چینی ملانا اس گھڑی بھایا بہت

زیر لب وہ مسکراتا ‘ شکریہ ‘ اچھا لگا

Chaye mein cheeni milana us gharii bhaya bhot

Zer-e-lab woh muskurata ‘ shukriya ‘ acha laga

دل میں کتنے عہد باندھے تھے بھلانے کے اسے

وہ ملا تو سب ارادے توڑنا اچھا لگا

Dil mein kitny ahid bhandhy thy bhulany ky usy

Woh mila tu sub irady toorna acha laga

بے ارادہ لمس کی وہ سنسنی پیاری لگی

کم توجہ آنکھ کا وہ دیکھنا اچھا لگا

Be irada laams ki woh sunsani pyari lgi

Kam twaja ankh ka woh dekhna acha lga

نیم شب کی خاموشی میں بھیگتی سڑکوں پہ نکل

تیری یادوں کے جلو میں گھومنا اچھا لگا

Neem shab ki khamoshi mein bheegti sarkoon py nikl

Teri yadoon ky jaloo mein ghumna acha laga

اس عدوے جاں کو امجد میں برا کیسے کہوں 

جب بھی آیا سامنے وہ بے وفا اچھا لگا

Uss adduy jaan ko AMJAD mein buaraa kesy kahoon

Jab bhi ayaa samny woh bewafa acha laga.

    2. Urdu quotation about love.

  Here is some other Urdu quotation about love when you read these words you definitely feel and know the beauty of love and you start to care those people who love you very much because following Urdu quotes on love are especially express the inner feeling of true and real love.

     3. Urdu quotes on love.

چپکے چپکے جل جاتے ہیں

لوگ محبت کرنے والے

پروا سنگ نکل جاتے ہیں

لوگ محبت کرنے والے

Chupky chupky jal jaty hein

Log muhabbat krny waly

Porwa sang nikal jaty hein

Log muhabbat krny waly

آنکھوں آنکھوں چل پڑتے ہیں تاروں کی قندیل لیے

چاند کے ساتھ ہی ڈھل جاتے ہیں 

لوگ محبت کرنے والے

Ankhon ankhon chal parrty hein Taroon ki Qandeel liye

Chand ky sath he dhal jaty hein

Log muhabbat krny waly

دل میں پھول کھلا دیتے ہیں

لوگ محبت کرنے والے

آگ میں راگ جلا دیتے ہیں

لوگ محبت کرنے والے

Dil mein phool khiila dety hein

Log muhabbat krny waly

Aag mein raag jala dety heinLog muhabbat krny waly

Log muhabbat krny waly

پانی بیچ بتاشہ صورت خود تو گھلتے رہتے ہیں

لوگ محبت کرنے والے

خواب خوشی کے بو جاتے ہیں

لوگ محبت کرنے والے

Pani bech batasha surat kudh to ghulty rhty hein

Log muhabbat krny waly

Khuwaab khushi ky boo jaty hein

Log muhabbat krny waly

زخم دلوں کے دھو جاتے ہیں

لوگ محبت کرنے والے

تتلی تتلی لہراتے ہیں پھولوں کی امید لیے

اک دن خوشبو ہو جاتے ہیں

لوگ محبت کرنے والے

Zakhm diloon ky dhoo jaty hein

Log muhabbat krny waly

Titli titli lehraty hein phoolon ki umeed liiye

Aik din khushbo ho jaty hein

Log muhabbat krny waly

بن جاتے نقش وفا کا

لوگ محبت کرنے والے

جھونکا ہیں بے چین ہوا کا

لوگ محبت کرنے والے

Ban jaty naqsh wafa ka

Log muhabbat krny waly

Jhoonka hain bechain hawa ka

Log muhabbat krny waly

جلی ہوئی دھرتی پہ جیسے بادل گھر کر آئیں

بستی پر ہیں فضل خدا کا

لوگ محبت کرنے والے

Jali hovi dharti py jesy badal ghir kar ayeen

Basti par hein Fazal Khuda Ka

Log muhabbat krny waly

               (All quotes by Amjad Islam Amjad).

       4. Urdu quotes about love.

       5. What is love mean?

        Till now from the beginning of life, love is being discussing among them in many ways. Every theologian and bookish have their own point of views for it. What we thing about it! What love actually means? There is nothing worth then it, I think! Each thing around us reflects love. If we look how man recognizes his self, in other words his journey of recognizing his self and then his journey from man to universe and then from universe to God, in all of this there is nothing but it’s a love. That’s the reality which each of us must knows that the people who gets to know love also gets to know the universe and God. You must know about this fact that if there is no love in a person his qualities are useless. From qualities, I mean his knowledge of macrocosm ,god,man, religion,ideas, philosophy, science and spiritual awakening.

In every field, whether we’re scientist, spiritual and religious thinker, no matter whatever we are, we are none for anything if we don’t have love. Love means becoming one, connection with universe , becoming one in connection with life and death, that’s the name of love. 

By my observation, I think this type of love is end. In order to understand such love we have to become patience one’s. Now these days there’s biggest problem arises we wanna experience love but we wants it’s regards hurriedly. No one is ready to stay and do not observe the act of love. We just wanna get rid of it.

      6. What’s our thinking about love?      

      What is it? To know oneself, to discover oneself, is that love! It’s name? I think we are the light or energy that is the source of every particle in the universe. If we’re not then there is nothing, if there is nothing then we also are not there. Now these days we all just cares about our ownselves. We just love ourselves. From today’s point of view, I just wanna give an example. For instance, I fall in love with some girl, we just think I love her. But in fact it is one sided love. I’m me on one side while on other side there is you on other side there is neither nor is she. Is that love? When we come to know the universe, ourself and true meanings of love then we’re able to come at that level where we understand something.

I think only one person is enough for you is he know about true love. Now these days we people are multi-coloured. For instance, when light changes into rainbow all of its colours are not light. The universe have all colors of love. But we are on mistake on seeing these colors separately. We are not separate from the universe we are the same. We are one. We are like two sides of coin, we like are dark and light. I’m in every color, in all colors and all these are actually light .

We thought we sees moon every night. Nope!!! That’s not the reality, we are not seeing moon we just saw its reflection. But what we say! We are looking at moon? Actually moon is just a light and we saw its reflection. The main question is that, what is this a light? Do we actually sees light? The light, it is traveling between sun and earth. So, do we see light or darkness?

I think answer is darkness, so that means what we perceive as light is actually darkness. Think what we call light is actually darkness. What happens at intersecting point of light and darkness? The light that was originally darkness becomes light. It’s a love.

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