Jokes urdu funny and benefits of Jokes.


  Urdu Jokes funny:

   In this blog I present almost 25 funny jokes in urdu along with english translation,and also discuss what are jokes and benefits and effects of jokes on individuals and in our society. Lets Read & See and enjoy funny jokes.

      What are jokes and benefits of Jokes.

Jokes are a kind of humor that are exist in every culture and society. Jokes are effective way of entertainment for people and create a sense of unity among people. Jokes are different types such as verbal jokes, written, one-liners, or physical comedy.

One of the most beautiful benefit of jokes provide the people to elicit laughter and amusement. Laughing is a natural response to jokes and has been shown to have numerous physical and mental benefits. Which are as follows: 

     Reducing stress,

     Boosting the immune system,

    and improving mood.

 Jokes gives the people a sense of relief and serve as a good way to provide relief from different kind of stress and sorrow.

   Beside a good source of entertainment, jokes are also means of social enjoyments and relaxation. When we share a joke with someone it create a strong relationship between both of them and jokes also provide an opportunity for people to connect and relate to one another. Jokes also a way of self-expression and it express the personality and sense of humor of different individuals.

  But we will be be careful about this that our jokes are simple and harmless for other peoples.

 It is very important that we are to be respectful and understanding of others self respect and try to avoid make humor on other peoples living with us.

   Finally jokes are very important part of every human society and provide so many kinds of benefits which includes entertainment, social interaction, and self-expression. But it is very important to be careful when we are making or writing jokes. Because sometimes it has bad effects on others.

  Urdu Jokes funny:



 A man died his friend came to his wife and said to her.

 “Can I take the place of the my died friend?”

 The friend’s wife replied, “I don’t mind, you go and meet with person who also prepare another grave for you.”

   Translation. 2

 Boy on the phone, “please sms me some jokes.”

 Girl. “Sorry, I am just performing namaz.”

 Boy “Ha……ha……ha……just send a few more jokes like this”.

     Translation. 3

 While using chars (opioid) Pathan said to his wife “who are you”?

 The wife replied, “Have you gone crazy…have you forgotten your wife?”

 Pathan replied, “person in drunk forgets every sorrow, sister.”

      Translation No. 4

    A Pathan went to Saudi Arabia, he did not know Arabic language. Sitting in the taxi along the way, he did not understand what to say to the driver to stop him. Finally, after long thinking, he put his hand on the driver’s shoulder and said: “sadda Qalla Hul Azeem.”

        Translation. 5

  A Sikh went to the front line after two years of army training, he asked his officer: “what you advise, i turn the pistol towards myself or towards the enemy?”

 The officer replied: “Son, what you do, both are in the benefit of country.”

        Translation. 6

 A Teacher to his student. 

“Pappu abducted Pathan’s daughter,”

 translate this sentence into future tense.

 Student replied. “Pappu’s funeral prayer will be offered at 6:00 pm today at the Martyrs’ Funeral Home.”

       Translation. 7

 The teacher said to the Sikh man, “Your son has failed. Look at his mark sheet.”

 Mathematics 19

 Islamiat 21

 English 20

 Science 19

 Urdu 18

 Total 97

 Sikh man replied, “Total marks vich te Maray puter nay kamal kar deta. I think total mark teacher is very expert.”

   Translation. 8

  A teacher asked to his student, “If your friend needs 200 and you have a 500 rupees….then if you hand over 500 rupees to him, how much money will he return back to you?”

 Student replied: “Nothing.”

 Teacher “You don’t know anything about math”.

  Student: “Sir, you don’t know anything about today’s friends”.

     Translation. 9

  A Sheikh was near to dying, “Where is my wife?”

 Wife: “I’m here with you”

 Sheikh “Where are my sons and daughters?”

 All in one voice, “We are with you, Abu Jaan”.

 Sheikh “Then why fan is running in the next room?”


 *Khan Sahib went to a friend’s house, it started raining heavily. Pathan’s friend said, stay here today, it is raining very heavily. Khan Sahib said ok, his friend busy to prepare bed for him. After a while, Khan Sahib came and completely wet with heavy rain. His friend asked him where he had gone. Khan Sahib replied that we had gone to tell the family that today, due to the rain, we will spend the night at our friend’s house.



 On the bank of a river, two Sikh men were putting yogurt with a spoon into the river. A Pathan came there and asked, “Brother, what are you doing?”

 Both Sikh men said “we are making lassi”

 Pathan “Ha ……ha ……ha you are crazy men what are you doing?, that’s why people make jokes on you, will your father drink so much lassi?”


 “What is the difference between wife, Bevi and begum?”

 “Husband replied my dear, these are three names of the same our enemy p like Bahrat, Hindustan and India.”


       Translation. 13

 A bagger on the phone “Hello Pizza!” “hit”

 Operator “Yes Sir”

 Bagger “Send 31 large pizzas, 6 chicken and 2 Pepsi.”

 Operator “In whose name?”

 Bagger “In the name of Allah.”



 While watching the race competition, Pathan asked the person sitting next to him who is winner and get the prize. 

    Servant replied, “The man who is on first.”

 Pathan: “Then why are these men are running back to him.”


 Sikh man: What does meaning of nothing?

 Teacher: “Nothing.”

 Sikh man replied “Don’t be disrespectful, if you can tell meaning of all words, then definitely “nothing” will have definitely some meaning.”

    Translation. 16

 The small girl asked to teacher, “What is this love?”

 Teacher: “When you grow up to become a good young girl, you too will find a true lover.”

 Girl: “What happen when I don’t become a good girl?”

 Teacher: “Then many wrong lovers will be you found.”

        Translation. 17

 Pathan: What is meaning of, “I am going”.

 Professor: “I’m going.”

 Pathan: ” You and your father can’t leave this place, unless you explain the meaning of it.”



     Translation. 18

 Pathan was invited by someone, Pathan went to his house, but he was not there and the door was locked, Pathan got angry and wrote on the door and hung it. 

 “I didn’t come at all.”


       Translation. 19

   A father to his son, “Look at thid girl from the neighborhood, she has come first in the exam.”

 Son, “Looking at her every time, that why I have failed.”


     Translation. 20

 Two Sikh man went into the forest, a lion came from the front, one sikh picked up dirt and put it in the lion’s eyes and started running, but second one stood there…..

  “Run away.” First one advise to second.

 The second one replied, “Why I run away you put dust in lion eyes not me.

     Translation. 21

 First friend “my friend, the girl I wanted didn’t marry with me.”

 Second friend “You didn’t tell him how rich your uncle is.”

 The first friend “I told her”.

 Another friend, “Then?”

 First friend replied “that my girl friend from that day change and now she is my aunt.”

        Translation. 22

 Lawyer to Judge “My Lord according to page number 15 of the law book my client is innocent.”

 Judge “The book should be presented” .

  The book was presented, the judge opened the required page and there were two notes of 5000 rupees in it.

 The judge replied, “Two more such pieces of evidence should be presented”.

       Translation. 23

 A teacher asked a phattan boy “Tell a story” .

 Pathan “One day we went to their house and they were sleeping, one day they came to our house and we were sleeping.”

 Conclusion “As you sow so Shall you reep.”


      Translation. 24

  A Wife to husband “Heard your friend is marrying with a wrong girl, why don’t you stop him?”

 Husband replied “Why should this bastard not stop me to marry with you?”


     Translation. 25

 A female came to a Pathan inspector and said, “My husband went to buy potatoes a week ago and still he is not returned back.”

 Pathan inspector repy, “why you should not cook something else sister”.

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