Prayers for successful surgery and recovery and principles for Success in life.


   Prayers for successful surgery and recovery.

      Pray Ya Salamu with Durood Sharif three hundred (300) times, then keep reciting Ya Salamu or Salam three hundred times daily, keep the same recitation during the operation. After operation keep reciting Durood Sharif and 300 times Ya Salamu or Salam daily until patient is fully recovered from surgery and concerns disease.

  When one prays with full trust and confidence, considering God as absolute value, no matter what language he calls to the Lord, then Allah Almighty hears his call. Whether the result of the prayer is according to our will or not, it is ours. It definitely comes out in the right. We definitely get some kind of improvement in this world and the hereafter and we are saved from some kind of evil. The main thing is to call upon Allah as your Lord, as the True God, as the only Creator, and with all your heart. The result is inevitable.

   Prayers for successful surgery.

اَللّٰهُمَّ عَافِنِيْ فِيْ بَدَنِيْ ، اَللّٰهُمَّ عَافِنِيْ فِيْ سَمْعِيْ ، اَللّٰهُمَّ عَافِنِيْ فِيْ بَصَرِيْ ، لَآ اِلٰهَ اِلَّآ اَنْتَ

   O Allah! Bless me physical health and well-being, O Allah! Grant me health and safety in my hearing, O Allah! So grant me health and safety in my eyesight, there is no God but only you.

  Principles for Success in life.

     Success in this world is actually the name of the effort and effort of a person while living in his scope and practice, where he does not think that living is a mechanical process, but it is a conscious struggle in which he strives for a worthwhile goal with his courage and enthusiasm. Get it through your actions with passion.

 After this process he gets honor, position, fame, money or peace, that is his reward which nature gives him for achieving an important goal and doing this extraordinary work.

 In today’s world, everyone is aspiring for high success in this world. But if you study the last book of Allah, the Holy Quran, you will find that real success is actually success in the Hereafter. The foundation of this ultimate success has to be laid in the worldly life itself.

 While the Holy Qur’an has explained the principles of success in the hereafter, it has also explained the principles of success in this world so that people who come to the Day of Judgment can not only achieve success in the hereafter but also succeed in this world. Become a good example in the world.

 Below are the seven principles mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, which if only one of them is followed and made the basis of all one’s actions, worldly success can be guaranteed and in the hereafter. High success and the pleasure of Allah Kareem will come as a bonus. If all these are followed, no power in the world can stop a person from becoming successful. By following these principles, it cannot happen in the world that a person does not get golden success.

    1. First Quranic principle for success in life.

        Follow Pious and rewarded persons.

 In the very first surah of the Holy Qur’an, where a person is taught to pray for the right path, he is also told to pray that Allah guides him to the path of those whom He has rewarded because Good things in this world and the next are granted only by following the path of the pios persons.

 Become like the rewarded people of the world, i.e. start living like them. In the Hereafter, start living like the successful people like the Prophets, Siddiqeen, Peacemakers and Martyrs, and they will be supported in the Hereafter. Whatever field you want to become a hero or a prize winner, then start following the path of the already existing prize winners in that field. Success will come to you running.



     2. Second Quranic Principle for Success in life.

            After every hardship there is ease.

 The Qur’an has stated that after every hardship there is ease and then by repeating this, the doubters have been silenced until the Day of Resurrection that indeed after every hardship there is ease.

 In other words, hardships and difficulties in life will come first and ease will find its way to your home later. One has to do hard work in the world first and then he is given ease.

 The farmer first has to plough, cultivate the crops, protect him from all kinds of bad things like harmful organisms and unfavorable conditions.

 It is only after months of tireless work that he is rewarded with a rich harvest i.e. eases. The student first has to work awake all night, then it is easy to get a good result. In other words, the price of any ease in the world is first hard work, hardship and difficulty, then you will get ease by going somewhere.

 A study of the life of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) tells us that sufferings, the Meccan life, will come first. The result of continuous and continuous hard work will not be anything big, but then the period of rewards, i.e. Madani life, will begin. I believe that this Makki and Madani life comes in the life of every individual. That is, every individual is entered into the period of reward only after hardship.

 But the problem is when we compare ourselves in our Makkah i.e. the period of pain and hardship with those whose rewards i.e. Madani life has already begun. Every individual has to go through the process of hard work first and then get reward. Work hard with patience, courage, independence, and steadfastness in the Makkan period of your life and believe in Allah that your Madani period will also come. When your examples will be given and blessings will be showered on you.


       3. Third Quranic principle for success in life.

           Don’t despair.

 God’s book Qur’an Hakim says that the biggest shatanic weapon is to disappoint a person from Allah’s mercy. That is why it has been commanded not to despair and despair has been interpreted as disbelief.

 Psychologists all over the world have scientifically recognized the fact that the later a person dies the earlier his hopes and aspirations die. At the root of all mental illnesses lies frustration and hopelessness.

 If hope is taken away from a nation or an individual, then what is the justification for living or doing any work? The desire to live and the desire to work can only be sustained on the tail of hope.

 Holding on to hope even in the most difficult and difficult situations is the sign of life. The path of Allah is the path of hope and the path of Satan is the path of despair. Complete trust and confidence in God are our weapons. Which thwart every diabolical trick of despair.

 Anxieties, misgivings, disappointments, anxieties and worries are far behind the boundaries of belief in Allah, the forgetfulness from which the perfect cure and healing is in Allah. The process is late. Try it because one of God’s principles is that He does not burden an individual beyond his capacity.

       4. Fourth Quranic Principle for Success in life.

         Think and think.

 Thinking and pondering is the order of the Qur’an in which somewhere it is ordered to think about oneself, which is called the source of self-knowledge and all sciences. So somewhere there is an order to think about other creations of God so that as a result of this process of thinking, the individual gets to know and recognize the source of every good and blessing in this world and the hereafter, i.e. Allah Almighty.

 That is why it is said to think in hundreds of places in the Quran. Thoughtfulness in any matter makes a person a deep thinker instead of a superficial person. In whatever matter is thought about in depth and breadth, God continues to reveal new dimensions, concepts, perspectives and teachings to the individual in the same direction. Thus, new sciences and products, and services come into existence which ensure the success of the individual not only in this world but also lead to his eternal success in the hereafter.

 In this way, the individual is attracted towards a higher purpose instead of aimlessness. Thanks to deep thoughts and compassion, solutions to difficulties are found, creative thinking develops, a new future is built, and better decision-making is helped. The power of observation and study improves, so you should make thinking and prudence your motto in your field of action, because only in that case, nature will reveal its secrets to you which have not been revealed to anyone before you.

    5. Fifth Quranic Principle for Success in life.

      Try to change your own situation.

 Every individual and nation has to change its own condition because Allah does not change the condition of a nation that does not change its own condition.

     In order to change one’s condition, one will have to take action on one’s own. No unseen Messiah will come from nowhere to change the condition of an individual or a nation.

 Only those who seek are given and those who ask are given. Help is also given to those who have done their best. There is nothing anywhere for idle people. To sit with oneself paralyzed and suspended is not trust in God, but contempt for Him.

 Waiting for God’s help for positive results after using one’s available resources, energy, courage, strength and intelligence is the most beautiful expression of true devotion. This was the order for God’s chosen servants and even the messengers, and this is the order for the common people, that they should try their best first, then seek help from Allah while expressing their helplessness.

 Those who wait for outside help never get anything but failure and disappointment. Most of the people, on the basis of ignorance of the Qur’anic meaning of patience, consider inactivity and sitting as patience, although this is completely wrong. It is obligatory and necessary to do one’s best in patience. In order to pray, it is necessary to first fulfill all the possible reasons, then ask Allah with consistency and persistence and keep this belief.

 If it is given, God willing, you will never be disappointed. If it is better, it will be granted immediately, otherwise, in the Hereafter, you will find it present in front of you and you will be more grateful to Allah that it is being granted to you now.


    6. Sixth Quranic principle for success in life.

        Effort and Try.

 Man gets what he strives for. But it is necessary for us to strive and strive hard in the direction in which we want the results. This principle mentioned in the Qur’an also motivates us to come into action immediately and act according to the desired results.

 In this verse, God has said very clearly that we have been created free by nature. All the slavery in the rest of the world is self-made by the human mind, which is first broken only in the mind, then freedom is gained in practical life. We are neither forced by nature nor a toy in the hands of destiny that can be turned in any direction whenever we want, but we are the creatures who carve our own destiny, and we need courage and passion, not scaffolding, to create our own destiny.

 The worst slavery in the world for a human being is the slavery of his habits and desires in which the individual loses all authority over himself. It becomes like a robot that operates in an automatic and mechanical manner. He becomes a prisoner of his habits. Before trying, it is also necessary that you determine your direction and results, that is, you know in which direction you are going and why? There is no better guiding principle for setting goals and planning in today’s era. That is, knowing before doing something what the consequences will be is not only a manifestation of high thinking but also the first step towards great success.


       7. Seventh Quranic Principle for Success in life.

   Do good deeds.

      Allah created life to know who does good deeds.

     Doing good deeds means doing whatever work you put your hand to and doing it in such a wonderful and high manner that the work itself deserves to be done at the level of kindness.

 Whether these affairs are religious or mundane, if they are done in such a good way that the Lord of the universe is happy and satisfied with it, then what is the best level of excellence? That is, whether it is to perform prayers or do business, they should be done in such a way and ways that everyone spontaneously cries out that perhaps it was not possible to do this work in a better way, then we should be sure that we have done this work in a good way. are The more the beauty and goodness in any work increases, the more its usefulness will increase. Success in the world becomes necessary. We pray to Allah Almighty to guide us to follow these seven Quranic principles of success so that we can be successful in this world and the hereafter.

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