Allah’s images and 99 beautiful names of Allah.

   1. Allah’s images:

   Every Muslim of the world love with Allah and this is natural because every creatures love with his creator. Allah is creator of all universe. In this blog every muslim can read and see the beautiful Allah’s images and get more information about Allah. After reading this blog and seeing pretty images of Allah I hope in your heart the love of Allah enhanced too much. Let’s enjoy it.

     Allah is the personal name of Allah Ta’ala, which is unique to Allah alone, no other entity can be called by this name except Allah Ta’ala, it means “God” or “the one who deserves to be worshiped”.

    Abdullah bin Abbas (RA) says that the meaning of the word “Allah” is “the possessor of perfect attributes and the attributes of Jamia, who is the only one entitled and deserving of the worship of all creation.” This name of Allah Ta’ala is used the most in the Holy Qur’an, about “2200” times, there is no equivalent word for Allah in any language, nor is it possible to translate this word exactly.


    Allah is the true God, besides whom there is no other god, who is alive and sustains all, who neither slumbers nor sleeps, to whom belong all things in the heavens and the earth. Who can intercede before Him without His permission, He knows what is before them and what is behind them and they cannot cover anything from His knowledge except as much as He wills. Allah from His chair Vastness surrounds the earth and the sky, and Allah does not get tired or tired of protecting all earth’s and skies. Allah is very high and very very big.

     In another place he said:

        The God of all of you is one God, there is no other God but He is the Most Beneficial and the Most Merciful.

        Allah also said:

       No doubt, I am Allah, there is none worthy of worship but Me, so worship Me alone, and establish prayer in remembrance of Me.

     Allah also said:

      Say that Allah is one.

       2. Allah’s image and names:

 Belief in the Names and Attributes of Allah is one of the most important principles of Islam and one of the reasons for a servant to enter in jannah. Allah Ta’ala has encouraged His servants to supplicate to Him by means of His beautiful names and supreme attributes. That is why it is obligatory for a Muslim to learn them and understand their meanings.

            وَلِلَّهِ الْأَسْمَاءُ الْحُسْنَى فَادْعُوهُ بِهَا 

 “And good and good names are for Allah only, so call Allah only with these names.”

     It is important to know a few things about the beautiful names of Allah Ta’ala:

 First of all, all the names of Allah Ta’ala are imprecise, there is no room for any rational explanation in them. It is necessary to pause on the Book and Vasant in their chain.

 Secondly, the names of Allah Ta’ala are not limited to a specific number.

 Thirdly, all the names of Allah Ta’ala are good.

 A famous hadith says:

 “O Allah! I ask You by every name of Yours which You have called Yourself, or revealed in Your Book or taught to any of Your creatures. Or you have made it special in the knowledge of the unseen.”

 The name that Allah has made special in the knowledge of the unseen is not possible for anyone to know.

 Some of the good names of Allah Ta’ala are:


 It is a noun. Allah is the name of a personality whose our hearts are worshiped with love, respect and reverence.

 Al-Rehman Al-Raheem.

 He is the One who is more compassionate and kind than a mother is kind to her children, so whatever blessing is present and available, it is His mercy and whatever trouble and trouble is removed, it is because of His mercy.


 That is, the owner of all places. A mover cannot move without his knowledge of the will. Allah Almighty said:

 “You say, O Allah! O Lord of all the worlds! So give the kingdom to whomever you want.”

    In another place he said:

 “He is the Lord of the Day of Retribution (i.e. Resurrection).”


 That is, the One who is free from all faults and defects, who created all creatures and who has not experienced any troubles or troubles. Allah Almighty said:

 “Surely We created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them in (only) six days, with out any difficulty and tiredness “

 Al-Qawi al-Qahar:

 Such a person who is the most powerful, and dominates all, all things are under his power, all tunnels are before his greatness. Allah says:

 “They did not know its value according to the position of Allah, Allah is very powerful and powerful and powerful.”


 He who knows the hidden secrets, knows all the things inside the land and the sea, if a leaf falls from a tree, He knows it, if there is a grain in the layers of the earth, He also knows it.  

 Al-Ali Al-Ala:

 Who is dominant above his throne and exalted in his attributes.


 The one who supports the oppressed and the weak, and takes the oppressor in his firm grip.


 Who forgives all sins, no matter how many they are. It is in Hadith Qudsi that:

 “O son of Adam! As long as you continue to call me and hope on me, then in whatever condition you are, I will continue to forgive you and I will not care.”


 He who is wise in his law and fate.

 Al Ghani:

 That is, the one who is independent of all his creatures.

 Dear readers, these are some of the beautiful names of Allah Ta’ala, whose brief explanation has been presented to you, so that you can guess what the nature of Allah is like and how are His perfections and choices.

     3. Beautiful 99 names of Allah with images:

 1. Rahman.

      The Most Merciful.

 2. Al-Rahim.

       Kind and Most Merciful.

 3. Al-Malik.

       The real king.

 4. Al-Qudoos.

        Extremely holy and pure.

 5. Al-Salam.

        Whose personal attribute is peace.

 6. Al-Mu’min.

         The giver of peace and order.

 7. Al-Muhaymin.

        The All-Guardian.

 8. Al-Aziz.

         Dominant and the Honourable. 

 9. Al-Jabar.

         The entire creation is under his


 10. Al-Mutakbar.

          Arrogance and greatness is his right.

 11. Al-Khaliq.

          The one who obeys.

 12. Al-bari.

         The fixer.

 13. Al-Masawer.

         The image maker.

 14. Al-Ghafar.

        Most forgiving of sins.

 15. Al-Qahar.

         Completely dominant over all. 

 16. Al-Wahhab.

          Bestower without benefit.

 17. Al-Razaq.

          Sustainer of all.

 18. Al-Fatah.

          Opener of mercy and sustenance for all.

 19. Al-Aleem.


 20. Al-Qabiz.

            The Constrictor.


 21. Al-Basit.

          The Generous.

 22. Al-Khafiz.

         The Lowerer.

 23. Al-Rafia.

         The exalter.

 24. Al-Mu’aaz.

         The Honorable.

 25. Al-Muzil.

        The Humiliator.

 26. All-Samee.


 27. Al-Basir.


 28. Al-Hakam.

         The true ruler.

 29. Al-Aadl.

          Great justice.

 30. Al-Latif.

         The gentleness and kindnes.

 31. Al-Khabeer.

         Aware of everything.

 32. Al-Haleem

           Most Forbearing.

 33. Al-Azeem.

          The Most Exalted, the Greatest.

 34. Al-Ghafoor.

            Most Forgiving.

 35. Al-Shakoor.

           The Appreciator of good deeds.


 36. Al-Ali.

            The Most High.

 37. Al-Kabeer.

            The largest.

 38. Al-Hafeez

            The guardian of all.

 39. Al-Muqit. 

           The provider of life to all.

 40. Al-Husaib

            Sufficient for all.

 41. Al-Jalil.

             The greatest.

 42. Al- Kareem.

              Dear Lord.

 43. Al-Raqeeb.

               Guardian and Protector.

 44. Al-Mujeeb.

              The Acceptor.

 45. Al-Wasey.

             Having vast charity.

 46. Al-Hakim.

            The one who does all things with wisdom.

 47. Al-Wadood.

             Lover of His servants.

 48. Al-Majeed.

            The great Pious .

 49. Al-Baaeeth.

             The One who revives the dead after death.

 50. Al-Shaheed.

            All-Seeing and All-Knowing.

 51. Al-Haq.

            Essence and existence of which is the truth.


            The true. 

 53. Al-Qavi.

            Only great Power.

 54. Al-matin.

            Very strong.

 55. Al-wali.

            Guardian and helper.

 56. Al-Hameed.

             Worthy of praise.

 57. Al-Muhsi.

            All-Knowing of all creatures.

 58. Al-Mubadi.

            The First Bestower of Being.

 59. Al-Mueed.

           The giver of life again.

 60. Al-Muhee.

           The giver of life.

 61.Al- Mumeet.

            The giver of mortal death.

 62. Al-Haiy.

             The life that He has a personal attribute.

 63. Al-Qayyum.

             Sustaining all creation according to His will.

 64. Al-Wajid.

            The All-Keeper.

 65. Al-Majid.

             The great and great.

 66. Al- Wahid.

            The only One in His Self.

 67. Al-AAhed.

            Oneness in His Attributes.

 68. Al-Samad.

             All are in need of him and He needs nothing.

 69. Al-Qadir.

            The Mighty.

 70. Al-Muqtadar.

          One Who has perfect authority over all.

 71. Al-Muqadam.

          One who has perfect authority on all others.

 72. Al-Mu’akhir.

             One who turns back whomever He wills.

 73. Al-Awal.

            The first to exist.

 74. Al-Akhir.

            One who exists after all.

 75. Al-Zahir.

           Absolutely revealed.

 76. Al-Batin.

            Completely hidden.

 77. Al-waali.

              Owner and builder.

 78. Al-Mutaal.

         Very High.

 79. Al-Bar.

        Great benefactor.


 80. Al-Tawab.

          One who grants repentance.

 81. Al-Muntaqam.

            The perpetrator of crimes.

 82. Al-Afu.

         The Most Forgiving.

 83. Al-Raouf.

         Very kind.

 84. Malik al-Mulk.

          The owner of all all places.

 85. Zul-Jalal wa-il-Ikram.

           Lord of Glory, and the Most Merciful.

 86. Al-Muqsit.

         One who gives the right to the rightful.

 87. Al-Jamey.

        One who unites all creatures on the Day of Judgment.

 88. Al-Ghani.

         One who needs no one.

 89. Al-Mughani.

          The freer of servants through His bounty.

 90. Al-Manay.


 91. Al-Zaar.

          One who harms according to his wisdom and will.

 92. Al-Nafay.


 93. Al-Noor.

            All light.

 94. Al-Hadi.

          The guide.

 95. Al-Badee

           The creator of creation without precedent.

 96. Al-Baqi.

             The Eternal, the One who never perishes.

 97. Al-Waris.

             One who remains after all the heirs have perished.

 98. Al-Rasheed. 

              Whose every action is correct.

 99. Al-Sabur.

             Very patient. Because he sees the biggest disobedience of his servants and does not hesitate to send punishment immediately.

     Here are 99 beautiful names of Allah with images you can easily memories all of them and get paradise because our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) told all of us this great news that the Muslim who memories 99 names of Allah Taala Jannat is wajib ( compulsory) for him.

       Images of Allah 99 beautiful names:

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