Importance of Rain in poetry and An article and happy rain images latest.


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   1.How do you describe rain in poetry or poems?

    2.Importance of rain(article).

     3.Happy rain images latest.

     1.How do you describe rain in poetry or poems?

You may enjoy the rain either by bathing in rain or by sitting on the balcony or watching the falling drops and the bright sky, but have you read a poem that not only rains but also enjoys the rainy season? ۔ Here we present to you the same poetry that makes the beautiful rainy season the subject. If you read this poetry in this rainy season, maybe there is something that will be memorable.

 💖 He didn’t even open the window in the rain

   What happened to the soaked ones yesterday?

 💖 The city bathed in rain all night

 The colors that were about to come off came off.

 💖 I silence the rain every night

 But it remember me all things of the past.

 💖 Heavy sunlight requested

          A drop of rain.

 💖 Let’s come Hide somewhere together, it’s raining hard

 Both of our body is made of clay.

 💖 The water were broken by the sight of their eyes

 They are thirsty for water in the pouring rain.

 💖 The body still breaks on rainy nights

 Wake up so many wonderful desires.

 💖 The desert looks on the rain with amazement

 How far has it come to shake hands with the sand.

 💖 He takes you everyday in the rain

 What kind of fire do you want to set in this city?

   💖 Why are you asking for some rain prayers?

 You look at your broken door and wall.

 💖 As soon as the rains come, there is no repentance left

 The clouds that appear change my intention too.

   💖 The rain has stopped but near every tree

 So much so that you can soak your feet.

   💖 As many mud houses were washed away in the rain

 Otherwise, my sorrow was a lifelong sorrow.

   💖 There were clouds in the distance and no shade

 The rainy season never came like this.

   💖 Shre had to come and call me

 It was raining all night. That was her message throughout the night.

   💖 The smell of soaked soil increases thirst

 The pain settles in the raindrops

 💖 The streets of the city were flooded

 The clouds came at night in such a way that I was scared.

   💖 Can’t find leave from the office otherwise

 Don’t let a drop of rain go in vain.

 💖 A wave of water cut through the mud walls

 The first rain has rained down on me.

     2.Importance of rain(article).    

 Rainy season is the season in which God knows how many hearts find peace and happiness.These are the days when the close friends meet again without any complaint.

 The people of Pakistan are very lucky because the people here enjoy all three seasons of heat, cold and rain.

 The rainy season is very beneficial in our country. This season starts after the scorching heat. The rainy season is celebrated from June 15 to October 15. All the animals, birds and beasts benefit from this season. The farmer benefits the most.

 In the rainy season, the soil becomes soft. The farmer plows the land and sows seeds in it. Greenery is seen everywhere. Water becomes stagnant in every direction.

 Rain is the best gift of nature. One of the blessings of nature is also rain. With rain we grow grains. We grow vegetables, we get fruits. Rain can be called the life of human beings, trees, plants and animals.

 Rainwater can be collected and drained from it. Due to which water can be obtained at any time. Due to the abundance of water, the river overflows and overflows.

 The red head on the flowers looks strange. Water drops on the delicate petals of the flowers are known as jewels and pearls. In this season, everyone gets drunk. When it rains too much, the village Villages are swept away. Farms are badly damaged.

 Crops deteriorate. Rivers and streams flood. Livestock and household goods are destroyed. Dilapidated houses in cities are also destroyed. The livelihood of the poor is killed.

 They have to starve. Many lives are lost. Many people become homeless. The benefits of the rains are also linked to the disadvantages.

    3.Happy rain images latest.

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