Happy mango Season and Sugar free Mango in Pakistan.Types and health benefits of mango.



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  1. Happy mango images to wish others.

   2. Squgar free Mangoes in Pakistan, good news for diabetics.

   3.Which fruit is king of fruit?

   4. What is health benefits of mango?

    5. How many types of mango in Pakistan?

    6. Which type of mango is best?

   2. Sugar free Mangoes in Pakistan, good news for diabetics.

There is good news for diabetics all over the world, now diabetics can enjoy the king of fruits without fear. Mango is a fruit that children and adults alike love to eat and Pakistani mangoes are loved all over the world. Famous for their color, aroma and taste. But people with diabetes or diabetes miss out on the benefits of this fruit.

 But this will not happen at all now because even in Pakistan such mangoes have been prepared which diabetics can eat without any hesitation. Experts at a private farm in Tando Allahyar District, Sindh Province, have introduced three new varieties of sugar-free mangoes in Pakistan after scientifically modifying the fruit.

 These newly introduced varieties of mangoes are considered the best for diabetics as they contain only four to six percent sugar.

 These mangoes in local markets:

  1. Gold.

  2. Glenn.

  3. Kate.

      Are available under the name of Among the varieties of mangoes, the “cat” variety has the lowest sugar content, up to 4.7%. Similarly, Sonaro and Glenn have sugar levels of 5.6 and 6 percent, respectively.

    According to reports, research on these sugar-free mangoes was started by MH Panhoor Farms five years ago. MH Panhoor Farms researched the mango for five years and introduced the three fruits after trying to make it scientifically better. Most of the calories in mangoes are from sugar which makes diabetics unable to eat them. However, the usefulness of these sugar-free mangoes is no less than a blessing for diabetics.

   3. Which fruit is king of fruit?

Whether it is a man or a woman, a child or an old person, everyone is eagerly waiting for the mango with the onset of summer. Mango is the national fruit of the Indian subcontinent, which is why it is considered the king of fruits in Pakistan and India. People are fascinated by its sweet taste and aroma.

       Amir Khusrau, a prominent Urdu and Persian poet, called mango “Fakhr Gulistan”. Once upon a time, the last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah was visiting Zafar Bagh. Mirza Ghalib was also with him, who was looking at the mango trees with curious eyes. The king asked, “Mirza Sahib!” Why are you looking at the trees with such deep eyes? ”Mirza Sahib said to him,“ I have heard from my elders that whatever is to be found, its name is stamped on its seeds. I see that someone has my name stamped on it or not. ”Hearing this, Bahadur Shah Zafar smiled and understood the meaning of Mirza Sahib. He sent a basket of mangoes to Mirza Sahib as a gift. This incident shows that Mirza Ghalib How much I loved you.

     Interestingly, Allama Iqbal, the greatest Urdu poet of the twentieth century, was also very keen on mangoes. It was your custom in your youth to attend mango feasts. The people of Lahore used to eat mangoes in these feasts. According to Mirza Ghalib, mangoes should have two characteristics: “First they are sweet, second they are abundant”.

   4. What is health benefits of mango?

  Like orange, it is rich in vitamin C. Just one cup of mango satisfies 100% of vitamin C requirement. Vitamin C strengthens our immune system and protects us from diseases. One cup of mango contains about fifty milligrams of vitamin C. Mango also contains another important vitamin A. One cup of mango meets 35% of our daily nutritional needs. Vitamin A strengthens eyesight and is also good for the skin. Mango also contains Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Nine and Folate. All of these are essential for human health. Minerals contain the most copper. It is followed by potassium, magnesium, calcium, manganese and steel. All these minerals in their own right keep a person healthy and strong. According to medical experts, eating mango increases blood flow, so patients suffering from anemia can take full advantage of it. The effect of mango is hot, so it is appropriate to drink milk lassi after eating mango. Strengthens the brain, lungs, stomach, intestines, kidneys, bladder, teeth and eyes. Constipation and urination. It is a powerful food for pregnant women.

 It is the only fruit that can be used at every stage of its growth. Otherwise, most fruits are eaten only when ripe

 Raw mango pickle is very tasty.

    5. How many types of mango in Pakistan?

    The fact is that mango is very important in the life of the common man in the Indian subcontinent. There are several varieties of mango, numbering up to 1500, including the popular varieties;

 1. Dessi.
 2. Chunssa.
  3. Dusari.

  4. Fajri.

  5. Langra.

  6. Sahaarni.

  7. Sindhrri.

 8. Anwar Ratol.
        These are famous in Pakistan.

   Chunssa mangoes from Multan have become the most popular mango not only in Pakistan but all over the world during the last ten to fifteen years. While langra mango is also very popular which has a shape similar to lame.

    6. Which type of mango is best?   

      The mango orchards are located in Multan, Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Dera Ghazi Khan and Mirpur Khas. It also has a sweet and fragrant pulp. Allama Iqbal was very fond of langra mango. Once the famous poet Akbar Allahabadi sent a gift of langra mangoes to Allama Iqbal by post. Allama Iqbal wrote this memorabilia on the receipt of the parcel. It occurs earlier, so the Sindhri mango crop of Sindh is first prepared and comes to the market. It is said that this type of mango was first cultivated in Sindh. This mango is also very sweet and juicy due to this reason the government of Pakistan often sends Sindhri mangoes as gifts to the heads of foreign countries.

 More than 40 million tons of mangoes are produced worldwide every year. Forty percent of this juicy fruit is produced in India. It is followed by China, Thailand, Indonesia and Pakistan. About 18 to 19 lakh tons of mangoes are produced in the country every year. If the fruits are in large numbers in any season in the country, it is so cheap that even the common man can buy it, while sometimes it is out of reach of the poor citizens. 

 Mangoes of high variety and quality are mostly exported. This delicious fruit is exported from Pakistan to dozens of countries including Middle East, Europe and America. Mango is produced in many countries, but Pakistani mango is the most popular in the world in terms of sweetness, flavor and taste. With the preparation of the mango crop, a series of storms also begin, due to which many mangoes are lost by falling from the trees. In the mango season, when you see mangoes in colorful baskets on mango trees and shops, the pleasure of mango begins to open in your mouth. This sweet fruit is the highest gift of nature for mankind.

Mango is not only the national fruit of Pakistan but is also known as the king of fruits and at the same time Pakistan is the fourth largest producer of mango in the world and the second largest exporter in the world. The country has become.

 There are many varieties of mangoes in Pakistan but Chonsa, Sindhri and Anwar Ratul are considered to be among the best mangoes grown in Pakistan. Mangoes of Pakistan are its special identity that is why for decades the Pakistani government has been winning the hearts of the people by giving ‘mangoes’ as gifts to the ‘special’ people and for the last many years Mangoes are sent as gifts to the heads of selected countries to promote trade diplomacy.

 The gift of mango given by the government of Pakistan not only captivated many heads of state but also showed many feats which many people may not be able to appreciate.

 Pakistan’s Foreign Office says that the fruit of Pakistan’s successful ‘mango diplomacy’ is that the demand for Pakistani mangoes in the world is constantly increasing and it increased to 4 104 million in 2019-20. That’s up from 78 million last year.

 In addition, many countries in the world have joined the list of countries importing mangoes from Pakistan.

 Today, China is one of the world’s largest producers of mangoes, but perhaps few people know that it was Pakistani mangoes that introduced mangoes to the Chinese people and laid the foundation for Pak-China friendship.

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