Dua for exam and wazifa for good result in exam.


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    Recite this dua seven times before any exam of your life.

   1.Wazifa for good result in exam.

    Many students are still searching for the right method of exam, how to take the exam, so that many problems can be avoided. During the exam days, students have a kind of fear, restlessness and distrust. These are the things that affect the human information and its mind and brain, while the lack of information during the exam days is a great deprivation and then this deprivation leads to the failure of the student.

  In such cases, along with preparing for the exams, one should seek help from Allah through prayers. Here are some prayers, which, if implemented, will lead to success in the exam, God willing. When you leave the house, make arrangements for dua, as it is narrated in a narration of Hazrat Anas that the Holy Prophet (sws) said that when a person leaves the house, recite this dua.

     ’’بسم اللّٰہ توکلت علی اللّٰہ،

 لاحول ولا وقوۃ الا باللّٰہ‘‘ 

       So it is said by Allah Almighty that “your Lord is sufficient for you”.

    Recite this dua when you near to place of examination room.

    اَللّٰہْمَّ اِنِّی تَوَکَّلْتُ عَلَیْکَ  وَسَلَّمْتُ اَمرِیْ اِلَیْکَ، لاَ مَنْجٰی وَلَا مَلْجَا اِلَّا اِلَیْکَ۔

    Reciy this dua as you enter the exam room.

 رَبِّ اَدْخِلْنِي مُدْخَلَ صِدْقٍ

 وَاَخْرِجْنِي مُخْرَجَ صِدْقٍ وَّاجْعَلْ لِي

 مِن لَدُنْكَ سُلْطَانًا نَصِيرًا.

     Recite this dua while receiving the question paper.

بِسمِ اللّٰہِ تَوَکَّلتْ عَلَی اللّٰہِ، اَللّٰہْمَّ لَا

 سَہْلَ اِلَّا مَا جَعَلْتَہُ سَہْلًا، وَاَنتَ

 تَجْعَلُ الْحَزنَ اِذَا شِئْتَ سَہْلًا۔

 Ask these prayers when solving questions.

 رَبِّ اشرحْ لِي سَدْرِي وَيَسِّرْ لِي ََْْمِرِ

يْ وَاحْلُلْ عُقْدَۃً مِّن لِّسَانِيْ.

 If you have a difficult question, ask for prayers.

(1) یَا حَیُّ یَا قَیُّومُ ، بِرَحمَتِکَ اَستَغِیثُ،

 (2) لَا اِلٰہَ اِلَّا اَنتَ سُبْحٰنَکَ اِنِّیْ کُنتُ

 مِنَ الظَّالِمِیْنَ، رَبِّ اِنِّی مَسَّنِیَ الضُّرُّ

 وَاَنتَ اَرحَمُ الرَّاحِمِین.


      2. Exams 👁️ And Lovely ❤️ Children.

 As the children’s exams continue, parents, siblings, and other relatives are also involved in these exams. Everyone wants my son / daughter, brother / sister to pass the exams with good marks … Get him into a good course. 

 Every person’s personal life these days is affected to some extent by these tests because of their thoughts and struggles. Families are less likely to meet. Invitations to families for various occasions have been postponed. It is the same effort, struggle and prayer of every person that my son / daughter, brother / sister will succeed in these exams so that his future becomes bright and radiant.

 It is our responsibility to strive for success in these exams so that we and our children can be educated and get a good position. Live a good and decent life.

         But along with these exams, there is another exam which is much more important than these exams and we have to prepare for it by living in this worldly life. And no one knows when this worldly life will end. Everyone is sure to say goodbye to this worldly life, which no one has denied and no one can deny.

 We live our worldly lives inspired by these exams, we try our best to succeed in these exams. Numerous financial and physical sacrifices are made. Sacrifice your comforts, even though we all experience that despite failing these tests, there are countless ways to succeed in the world. It is compensated … Also, if you fail these tests completely, then the worldly life will pass anyway, even though it is not what we want. … We want to achieve success in both worlds by getting education.

       By engaging in these tests, we should strive and think that we, our children, our relatives and others must succeed in the final test, because failure in the final test is a painful punishment for death. It is not possible later, there will be no benefit even after shedding a sea of ​​tears after death. Remember that if we live this worldly life with the last test in mind, then we have to engage in the exams of these children, spend money on their education, work or do business, sleep, eat, drink, etc. in this world and the hereafter. InshaAllah, both of them will be successful.

      What will be the result of success and failure in the final exam? Allah Almighty has mentioned it in various places in the Holy Qur’an. This situation is also mentioned in a few verses of Surah Al-Haaqqah, the summary of which is as follows:

 Summary of commentary:

 The day when you will be presented before God for reckoning. And nothing of yours will be hidden from Allah. Then the book of deeds will be given in the hand, then the person whose book of deeds will be given in his right hand will say to everyone in excitement and joy, “Read my book of deeds.” I have been successful forever. I already believed that I was going to get my account … Therefore, the person will be in the preferred luxury, ie Paradise, whose fruits will be so bent that he will get whatever he wants in any condition. And it will be said, “Eat and drink with pleasure in return for what you used to do in this worldly life.”

 And he whose book of deeds will be given in his left hand, he will say with great regret: Alas! I don’t even get my book of deeds, and I don’t even know what my account is. I wish! My first death in the world would have been decisive and would not have been resurrected on which this reckoning was made. Sorry ! My wealth is of no use to me. All my power is gone … For such a person, the angels will be commanded to seize this person, and put shackles around his neck, then put him in hell, then fasten him in a chain measuring seventy yards. This person did not believe in God as he should have believed. And what would he give to someone, he would not encourage others to feed the poor man. So today this person has no friend nor does he have anythingto eat or drink, except the filthy water in which the people of Hell have pus and feces, which no one except the sinners can eat or drink.

       Now is the time The angel of death can take the soul out of the body at any time. At any moment the eye can be closed forever … After the soul has flown, it will not be permissible to perform Hajj or ‘Umrah once, to give a penny of charity, to prostrate or bow, even to say Allahu Akbar only once, because the time for action on death is over The chain of punishment begins. Therefore, let us all resolve that with these worldly trials, we will continue to prepare for this final test, which in case of failure is the blazing fire of Hell which is seventy times hotter than the worldly fire. If we really put this worldly life before the test of the Hereafter, then insha’Allah we will have success and comfort in this worldly life too, and tomorrow on the Day of Resurrection our result will be in our right hand insha’Allah, and we will always be successful. Will always be at peace

     Sincerely ask Allah Almighty for forgiveness on the shortcomings of the past days. It will be useful to sincerely apologize to Allah Almighty for shedding a drop of tears at this time, but nothing will be gained by shedding a sea of ​​tears after death. May Allah grant us all success in both worlds. Ameen.

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