Prayers for mother’s day for all sweet mother’s.


  Prayers for mother.

   🤲 Every day is a day of happiness then why we celebrate Eid?

 Every day is a day of worship, so why we perform Hajj?

 Every day someone feels hungry, is hungry, feed them, then why fast?

 Why Nishan Haider? Why the stars?

 It is necessary to believe specially that if today is the day for mothers we celebrate it. Congratulations to all of them.

     🤲 My congratulations to the mothers of all and the mothers of the participants. May Allah grant them a healthy and easy life and raise the ranks of those whose mothers have appeared before the Lord. Amen

 May God give us opportunity to serve our mothers.Happy Mother’s Day.


      🤲 I wished my Mom on Mother’s Day as long as she was alive. Now she pass away i wished my wife’s mother. And wished mu father because now my father is my mother.

 Happy Mother’s Day from me to all mothers.

     Special words for mother’s.

     1. I listened who offer prayer five times go to heaven 

 I have not seen heaven, I have seen my mother


       2. Now i tremble while raising my hands for prayers 

  Because I Never prayed while my mother is alive


      3. My sweet mother has not slept for a while

 I once said to her I am fearing in night 


     4. My mother is still alive, nothing will happen to me

 When I leave the house, her prayers always with me


     5. Thus she washes away my sins 

  When my Mother cries for me in prayers 



      6. One brother got a house in inheritance and second have a shop

 I was the youngest in the house, blessed mother came in my part



     7. Whenever the my boat of life capsizes in flood

 Mother Prayers always protect me


     8. My mother is crying after returning back to home

 because she have no money to buy clay toys, cheap in the fair for me


     9. Now mother’s prayer is not with me and the shadow of a father’s too

 Today I celebrated my birthday alone



    10. Yesterday I saw myself in mother’s eyes

 This mirror does not make me old



      11. If there are beautiful stars with you, O pretty sky

  But listened, my mother’s dress looks pretty than you 



      12. Parents and teachers are all the mercy of God

 It is blessing of God in favor of all of you 



    13. This is a great debit I cannot pay

 My mother remains in prostration until I return back to home



   14. Butterflies sing songs in my books

 when my mother keeps lunch box in my bag,bag smiles


Mother and Mother’s Day in all world.

       Mother is a prayer…. whose blessing illuminates even there is completely darkness.

 Because mother is the blessed personality who hides all the sorrows of life in her lap. She sacrifices her entire life for the happiness of children. A mother loves her children so much that she is ready to fight the whole world for their sake. It was the fruit of the mother’s prayer that Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani got rid of the robbers.

 No one belonging to any religion or language in the world can deny the greatness of mother. In our country, mother is called the goddess of holiness and faithfulness. That is why 9th May is celebrated as Mother’s Day to pay tribute to the greatness and compassion of mothers. There is no fixed date for Mother’s Day globally, however this day is celebrated on different dates in different countries. Some countries celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, while others celebrate Mother’s Day in January, March, October or November.

 According to a tradition, Mother’s Day started in ancient Greece in honor of the mother of the Greek gods. Some believe that Mother’s Day began with Anna Jarvis, an American activist. Anna Jarvis loved her mother immensely. Jarvis lived with his mother and never married. After his mother passed away, Ana jarvis started Mother’s Day to express his immense love for his mother. Since then Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year.

 Different countries and nations have their own ways of celebrating Mother’s Day. In some countries, it is considered a crime not to honor the mother on Mother’s Day. In some countries it has the status of a minor popular festival.

   It is the mother with whom every breath of the child’s life is connected and without her, life seems incomplete. Whatever relationships there are in the world and whatever love there is in these relationships, they demand the price of their love, but the relationship of a mother is only relationship that only gives you something and asks nothing in return.

     If a person wants to find heaven in this world, he should understand the honor, magnificence and purity of his mother only once, then he will not be able to repay his mother’s favors for a lifetime. 

       A person carried his mother on his shoulders and performed seven Hajj and then he said, “Today I have paid my dues, then a voice came from the unseen that you have not paid your dues even for that one night when you wet the bed while sleeping, then it was your mother who put you in a dry place and herself lay down on a wet place. Then how can we pay this right by celebrating Mother’s Day only one day.

           Sometimes I think that what is the most precious thing in the world, I think that the most beautiful person in the world is only a mother who is very pure and loving. God Almighty has created a mother perhaps thinking that when the children do not find peace anywhere in the world, they should come to the embrace of their mother and relieve their thoughts, sighs and sorrows. At that time he will feel a relief which he will not get anywhere else because mother is a part of this universe which has an ocean of love within it. 

      Whenever a person gets hurt, he calls his mother first. By the way, no one wants to be proud and people dislike him, but mother is a wealth that after getting it, a person feels proud to be proud. In terms of good company, the right of mother is three times more than the right of father. The reason for this is that a mother endures many hardships and hardships for her children.

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