Images to say sorry and Importance of sorry in relationship.


    In this post I present following things:

      1.Sorry essay for friends especially for husband and wife.

       2. Images to say sorry.

    Conflicts happen among themselves, for example

       1. Brother’s quarrel with brother.

        2. A friend’s quarrel with a friend.

       3. The quarrel between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Etc. etc.

       But in all of them, the quarrel between husband and wife is dangerous. Whenever there is a quarrel between you and your spouse, you always think, “Why should I apologize? 

 I did not start a fight! ”

 You stopped arguing after a while but there is still resentment in the hearts of both of you.

  When to say sorry and when not…

  You think about apologizing again, but you find it difficult to get the word sorry.


   The power of apologizing.

     Some people do not admit their mistake because of pride.

      Saeed, who is married, says, “Sometimes I make it a matter of ego and that’s why I find it difficult to apologize.”

         One person may feel that he should apologize only when he is at fault. 

      Saying sorry when you are not wrong.

        Although it is very difficult but when do it you enjoy your life for example….

 A married woman says:

      “It simply came to our notice then. But if we both point arrows at each other, I find it difficult to say sorry. If both are at fault, then why should I just apologize? ”

 If a person thinks that the fault lies solely with his or her spouse, he or she may think that he or she does not need to apologize.

         “When a person is convinced that he has done nothing wrong, he often does not take the initiative to apologize to prove his innocence,” says Shafqat.

     Maybe a person grew up in a home where there was no tendency to apologize. Because he didn’t learn to admit his mistakes as a child, he finds it difficult to apologize even when he grows up.

 What can you do

 Husband and wife are putting out the fire together.

 Apologizing can put out the fire of strife.

      How do you feel when someone apologizes to you? Of course you are happy. So why not apologize to your spouse for his or her happiness? If it’s not your fault, still apologize for the inconvenience you’ve unknowingly inflicted on your spouse. By doing this you will apply ointment on the wounds of your spouse.

 Give importance to a happy marriage. Think of apology as the victory of your marriage, not your defeat. When resentment is burning in a person’s heart, it is like a fortress that is difficult to conquer.

     Reconciliation is not easy in such an environment. But apologizing can pave the way for reconciliation. That way you won’t let your ego get in the way of a happy marriage.

 Don’t be late in apologizing. It is true that it is difficult to say sorry if it is not your fault. But if your spouse is not apologizing, that doesn’t mean you should do the same. Don’t think that resentment will go away on its own with the passage of time. If you take the initiative to apologize, it will be easier for your spouse to say sorry. And if you get in the habit of apologizing, you won’t find it difficult to apologize slowly.

 Apologize sincerely. And you enjoy the power of apologizing.

 Remember that there is a difference between defending yourself and apologizing. Don’t be sarcastic when apologizing. For example, don’t say, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were so small-hearted and you would immediately take my word for it.” Instead of blaming, admit your mistake. Apologize for hurting your spouse, whether you made a mistake or not.

 Be realistic. Acknowledge that mistakes happen to everyone, including you. Even if you think it’s not your fault, don’t just look at it from your own angle.

    It will be easier for you to apologize if you act realistically and admit your mistakes.

      2. Images to say sorry.

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