Images of Google AdSense and what skills needs to qualify for AdSense.


    1. What is Google AdSense and how does it work?

 The world’s largest search engine, Google’s advertising program, is called Google AdSense. To join this program, you must have your own personal website, on n you delegate the responsibility of running advertisements to Google. Google does not charge advertisers for displaying ads on the site, but when someone clicks on the ad, they are charged per click and the revenue is shared between the site and Google.

 If you want to earn money by advertising on your website or blog on the Internet, the most effective and easy way is to get Google’s AdSense service. In this way the responsibility on you is significantly reduced, i.e. preparation / receipt of advertisements, liaison with companies, receipt of money, all office matters of advertisements etc.

   2. For whom is it more beneficial?

 Anyone can join the Google AdSense program, but only those who provide useful activities and interesting content to people on the Internet, because the success of the program depends on How many people visit your website or blog? And people frequently visit websites and blogs that are full of interesting and up-to-date content.

 Therefore, any educated person who thinks that he can do something good for the people through his best skills in his spare time, should definitely join this service, which also gives a reasonable monthly income.

 Currently thousands of people in Pakistan are involved in this program, including computer science / IT professionals, creators, teachers, writers, bloggers, journalists, housewives, students, doctors, part-time employees. And others. Now the question is how much income can be earned from it, it depends on your abilities. Many people in Pakistan are earning from Rs. 10,000 / – to Rs. 1 million per month.

  3. What language should the content be in?

 To join the Google AdSense program, your website / blog’s primary content must be in English, while Google AdSense supports some other languages.

 4. Without hard earned income?

 You must have seen such advertisements in the media in which it is claimed that you can easily earn millions of rupees every month without any effort. This is all a lie and has nothing to do with reality. It takes a lot of hard work to make a good and lasting income from Google AdSense. True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing.

     5. How to earn more income?

 The first thing to understand is that Google is not giving you dollars, but you are making dollars for Google, from which Google takes its share and sends you the rest.

 Therefore, for more revenue, the content of your website / blog site must be useful, that is, good and quality.

           Thousands of blogs and websites in Pakistan are participating in the Google AdSense program, earning between Rs 10,000 and Rs 1 million a month.

 This material should not be a source of shame, obscenity, copyright infringement, ie, your own, should not contain material that incites crime, etc.

 The website / blog should look beautiful and attractive, and the design should be easy for the readers to use. Choose content that the majority of Internet users are interested in reading / listening to / watching, while adding something new every day.

    6. What skills will I need?

 Since the Google AdSense program is primarily about the website, you need to be proficient in all aspects of the website.

 Second, the success or failure of a website depends on its content. The better and better the content on your website, the brighter your chances of earning money. So you have to be good at content writing.

 If you are not good at both, then you should have basic capital, so that the services of professionals for material preparation and technical matters can be paid for.

 Find new ways

 There are a lot of people and companies associated with Google AdSense today so you have to find new ways to get more growth. If you have a copy-paste idea in mind, please don’t waste your time in this direction, as you may be able to fool Google for a while but don’t fool the readers / viewers, that’s all. They will be attracted to you when your work is standard.

 If you want to succeed in the Google AdSense program, first find new ideas that can get people’s attention.

           If the content of your website is not updated regularly or your website is not visited by a large number of people, then the application to participate in Google AdSense is usually rejected.

 If you consider a website to be your competitor, think about how you can present your service in a better, unique and distinguished way than your competitor?

 Think about what kind of content your website will have that people are interested in. What information or content can you offer that is not already available on the Internet, but is also needed by Internet users?

 How can you keep more people busy on your website? How do you attract people to your site and get cheap web traffic?

 7. How to join Google AdSense?

 You must first study the Google AdSense program and policy thoroughly. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Then you have to advertise your website to increase the website traffic, for which you can email social media and your friends. You should apply for a Google AdSense account after approximately 90 to 120 days after the appropriate traffic to your website. Google AdSense account requests are usually rejected due to substandard content and inappropriate traffic.

    8. How and when do you get the money?

 At the end of each month, if your income is more than 100 dollar, Google sends that amount at the end of the next month. For example, January payments will be received from February 24 to 25. Google transfers money within Pakistan through Western Union. You can transfer money from Western Union to your bank account or go to their office and collect it yourself.

 9. Learn more about AdSense

 The Google team sends you suggestions every week to improve your site and content, which you can use to improve your web traffic and revenue. In addition, the Google AdSense team has uploaded a number of videos on YouTube that will be very helpful to you, which can be used in your free time.

 10.The most important thing.

 If you want more and more steady income, create a website that caters to the needs of US and UK readers, because if web users from Pakistan and India click on your website, the cost per click will be lower but Web traffic in the United States and the United Kingdom costs a lot more per click. According to an estimate, if 600 Pakistanis visit your website daily, the income will be approximately 2 Dollar per day, but if 600 people visit the United States, your income is expected to be 12 Dollar per day.

     11.Important tips and information to make sure your site is accepted by Google AdSense.

 The biggest problem facing most people is their rejection of Google AdSense.

       1. It is very important for all websites to have a paid domain in addition to a fast and responsive template, especially a template that supports the AdSense policy.

     2. Have special content from your writing that has a unique look.

     3. The number of published articles should be 30 to 40.

       4. It is better to write an article on a daily basis, otherwise there must be one article a week.

     5. Register with Google Webmaster and submit your sitemap file. sitemap.xml

      6. More than two months have passed since the archiving of your site.

      7. Lots of visits from Google search engine.

  The most important piece of advice.

 This is the quality of the material of your blog follow the AdSense policies and guidelines. Try to create technical material that contains descriptions, special information, titles and descriptions that are not repeated or copy.

   12. How to create a Google AdSense account.

 Follow these steps to create your account. AdSense

 Transfer to

 Click Subscribe Now.

 Enter the address of the site on which you want to display ads.

 Enter the address. Your email.

 Of course, select if you want it sent to you. AdSense Custom Help and Performance Tips.

 Click Save and Continue.

 Sign in to your account at Google.

 Select your country or territory.

 Review the terms and conditions.  

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