Happy marriage images and impact of COVID-19 on marriage ceremonies.


       One morning I was watching TV when I suddenly stopped. ۔ Saw a morning show where the wedding ceremony was taking place. So i hear a lot of good and bad things about morning shows. But I will focus on one thing with arguments.

 I was almost surprised to see the show. More than one dress and such rituals or custom that have never been seen or heard. Finally, they discuss that different ideas are being given for marriage. The purpose of which is to make the wedding more colorful and enjoyable. Making the wedding a fun ceremony has its place but is it right to introduce more than one frivolous and pointless ritual in the name of ideas? Haven’t we already weighed down the society carrying the burden of countless such rituals?

   So now we have a look what our religion say about all this…..

 In Islam, when a Companion came to the service of the Holy Prophet and complained of lack of sustenance, the Holy Prophet advised him to get married. Nowadays, for marriage, it is said that if the boy earns something, if he settles down, then the marriage will take place. And with the cost of the house, the marriages of the sisters, taking out various debts, a middle class man gets less and less opportunity to get rid of such responsibilities in less than 35 to 40 years.

 In such a situation, who does not know how much misbehavior is growing in the society during such a long period of virginity. Affaires. ۔ Illegal relationship. ۔ And in non-shariah ways, the younger generation fulfills the need that God has created in them in their early youth. Every need needs to be met. Eat in hunger ۔ Water in thirst ۔ With my family in grief ۔ And need friends in bad times. Purpose The necessities of life go hand in hand with life. ۔ In the same way, God has placed sexual appetite in the body, which must be fulfilled. And how can one overcome this excitement for so long in the face of so-called modernism that has permeated society for so long without getting married? Misuse of internet and mobile from top to bottom. In these circumstances, marriage needs to be made easier. So that the society as a whole can be taken in a positive direction.

 But look at the traditions in the morning show that middle class marriage has been made the most difficult. Who can afford such expensive clothes? Not the middle class at all. And how many girls will not wake up. Seeing so many superstitions. How many girls will annoy their parents and how many will see their desires turn into longing. Is it right to give this feeling of deprivation to the society?

 Not even the concept of all these superstitions in Islam. There is a simple marriage and betrothal, but here Sangeet Dholki starts with the mothers and spreads the strange rituals till the first marriage. The goal is less fun and more showy.

 The poor man, let alone the white-clad and middle-class man, spends his life raising money for marriage. ۔ Even the silver wires start glistening on the daughter’s head. For such a marriage, even their age is not enough to add money.

 I read in a psychological research that between the ages of 21 and 22, a person has a lot of self-adaptation. That is to say, the girls who are married between the ages of this age quickly adapt to each other and adjust to the environment. It is not even a matter of man himself to change the habits that become part of his personality after that. How can a girl who has lived her own life in her parents’ house till the age of thirty easily adapt to the habits of her father-in-law and husband? For a successful marriage, a woman must be a little stupid and innocent. Because a woman gets a lot of support because of her young age and lack of knowledge. Which makes the atmosphere comfortable. While a wise woman who knows every ups and downs. She doesn’t let anything dominate her so easily. And the stubbornness of marriage leads to many problems.

 In the same way, the sooner men get married, the sooner they will fit into this environment and understand the responsibility.

 Thirty-five years is in a way half the age according to the average age.

 At four marriages, all men would convert to Islam, but if it is done in the same way, then the enjoyment of life will be doubled. Dowry should not be taken at the time of marriage. Promote marriage easily instead of wasteful rituals. And soon if any noble girl is married without beauty and wealth, then the society can be cleansed from evils to a great extent. 

 The small pleasures of life show up. ۔ And not in appearance but in peace. We have to boycott these frivolous rituals. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. But their long-term effects are negative.

 If you have a lot of money, why not use it to improve someone’s life instead of wasting it on a day’s worth of waste? Get many poor girls married. ۔ Their prayers will also add to the sweetness in your life that expensive clothes and expensive decorations cannot bring into your life.

 Make marriage easier. Promote early marriage. ۔ And give a better direction to the younger generation and society. Otherwise, the day is not far when the Islamic society will not remain in name only. ۔

  Side by side the one who create all of us some time use his power to guide us like in current situation God use COVID-19 to make our living standards natural and simple.

    How this happened have a look…..


 Restrictions imposed by governments following the spread of the corona virus have also changed social customs and traditions


 Wedding ceremonies are at the forefront of these rituals as it is the largest gathering place for people and people from different places and families embrace each other.

 Adults kiss children, which makes them more likely to spread the corona virus.

 Marriage arrangements and protocols have changed dramatically since the outbreak of the corona virus. We explain the effects of corona virus on wedding ceremonies below.

 The custom of marriage at home

 Due to the closure of wedding halls after Corona, most couples have started holding their wedding at home with a limited number of close relatives and friends.

  Celebrate in the tent.

 Some people who do not have open space have started holding weddings in tents. Especially those who do not have adequate space in their house or are away from closed halls.

 A wedding organizer says that the idea of ​​a tent not only provides more protection but also gives the couple unlimited beauty possibilities for their celebrations and 150 people thanks to the design and planning options. Or it becomes a place for more people.

 People now get married at home instead of in marriage halls.

 Outdoor party.

 Some couples prefer to keep their wedding ceremony outdoors. It makes everyone feel safe and gives them the opportunity to invite more friends and family to the party at home.

 Virtual marriages.

 Technology has now interfered with marriages as well. Now the idea of ​​a virtual marriage has emerged. Some couples have also had a virtual wedding because of Corona. In which guests participate from afar.

 Edit food.

 With the new safety protocol, the serving of dinner has been modified as the food served to everyone at the table is now preferred over the buffet so as to ensure social distance and no hindrance.

 At weddings, it is now preferred to eat at the table instead of the buffet.

 Buy furniture and accessories online.

 Restrictions have made it impossible for newlyweds to move freely in furniture, jewelry and clothing stores, and the Internet has become an alternative. Newlyweds design and choose furniture for their home on the Internet. Online stores, like stores, have sprung up in large numbers.

 First month of marriage.

 It is well known that the newlyweds spend the first month of their marriage at home or abroad. But with global lockdowns and airport closures, spending time outside the country has become difficult, if not impossible. Many new couples planning such an international trip have limited their attention at home.


 In Corona’s time, wearing a bridal mask has become commonplace. Which has also attracted the attention of fashion designers. Now the bridal mask is designed for the bride and groom.

 Fashion designers have also mastered the design of masks for brides in various shapes. In addition, women wear masks in different shapes and colors according to the color of their clothes.

 In the days of the plague, brides began to prefer the same masks as clothes.

 The number of guests attending wedding ceremonies has been reduced to compliance with the precautionary measures and social distance policy, now limited to family members and close friends. It is important to follow all precautions, including wearing and keeping distance.

 Low cost events.

 In the aftermath of the epidemic, many people were able to get rid of many of the economically stressful habits and new traditions that had been in place for many years. Especially people who found it difficult to get married.

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